Mesos Guide

Last Updated: June 22, 2020

Having a constant source of mesos in maplestory m is vital to continue progressing throughout the game. In this guide I hopefully provide some different ways to keep you main funded! It can be broken down in four ways:

Farming, fusing, and leveling are F2P (free to play) while buying cyrstals, as you can probably guess, involves using real money. Almost all f2p ways involve having a good set of alts that are at least lvl 125. Let's dive into each a little more.


The first way is the easiest way of getting mesos, which is using your main (or your alts) to farm at a map that has a good mixture of map size/spawn to mesos dropped. Below are the current best maps you'll most likely find a good amount of parties (drops are individual, so the more the merrier) you should be able to kill monsters in about 3-5 hits:

Note: Bolded maps have a higher chance of finding a full party. Maps are ranked from easiest to hardest.

Sky Terrace 2 - 800k/hr

  • To get there: Teleport to SF110, take the portal to normal ST2

Snake Area - 1.4m/hr

  • To get there: Teleport to SF123, open map, tap Snake area (left of current map), tap "Directions"

Armory - 1.2m/hr

  • To get there: Teleport to SF142, open map, tap Armory, tap "Directions"

Road to Oblivion 4 - 1.8m/hr

  • To get there: Teleport to SF120, exit via portal or tap "Directions" on map

Rough Wilderness - 2.5m/hr

  • To get there: Teleport to SF147, open map, tap Rough Wilderness (left of current map), tap "Directions"


The next way way is to have a bunch of alts that you can run through the lvl 125 elite dungeons. Doing these will build up weapon/armor powders (unique) + epic gear to level two epics to 15 and fuse them. Fusing has a chance to generate an emblem which is much stronger than a regular unique. Where a lvl 1 unique goes for 3-8m (NA Scania) an emblem can go for 500m - 1.5b depending on the emblem (NA Scania). It's always worth it vs just buying uniques and leveling it up! Some uniques are worth a good chunk by itself (noble shoulders, rising sun belts) since they're shared by all classes. If you get a regular ol' unqiue though, the next thing to do is level it to max to sell on the Trade Station....

Due to recent mesos sinks in the game, prices have been reduced. Look at the Trade Station to gauge the market and do what works best for your server.

Type To get Mesos
lvl 1 unique fuse two lvl15 epics 3-8m or 500m+ if emblem
lvl20 unqiue level using powders from lvl 125EDs 40-80m
lvl25 legendary level using powders (longest) 300m+

Leveling Gear (max level unqiues, max level legendaries)

The most consistent way to generate mesos is so sell max-level unqiue or max-level legendary gear. Maplers generally buy max level unqiues/legs to level up their mythic equips. You can use my calculator to see how many powders it takes to get to max level. Generally you can sell max level uniques for 60-80m (NA Scania) and max level legendaries for 500m+ (NA Scania).

Buying crystals

I added this section incase you were curious how to turn crystals into mesos. Some of these can be very lucrative but also very random so take that into consideration:

  • Growth package

    By far the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting crystals. Sometimes there will be special event packages that can net you a ton of crystals (like the past Pink Bean event), but normally you can get around ~5k crystals for the lvl10-99 package or 4-5k crystals for the 100+ packages. It's a good idea to wait until you reach near the end of the package requirements so you know for sure you want it, you will still get back rewarded for all levels.

  • The two best things to do with your crystals (from a progression standpoint) is Royal Styles & Golden Apples.

    Royal Styles is generally better due to the fact that you can get S label equipment that sells on the TS for 300m+ each. You can also fuse S + S or S+R to get M label which you can easily sell for substantial mesos. I'll try cover more of this in another guide

    • Note: Only possible in the last two weeks of the month

    Golden Apple pulls are more varied in what you can get (scrolls, chairs, pets) but due to this you can potentially not get things that sell to well like potion tickets, etc. However the range is much higher than royals styles

    • Note: Only possible in the first two weeks of the month