Starforce Guide

Last Updated: September 13, 2020

(previously posted on Reddit)

I see alot of people making some hard-to-fix mistakes with fusing their gear too early before they star force it. So I wanted to list out a common strategy that'll be the most cost-efficient way to hit the upper star forces without costing you billions of mesos.....

The main reason for star forcing your gear is to be able to AB at maps with really good EXP ratios and thus level faster. Not all are created equal though...

Best SF maps to target are roughly as follows:

168 > 158 > > 150 ~ 153 (party dep.) > 144 > 147 > 130 > 133 > 120 > 113 > 80

Generally the XX3/XX7 maps are more less dense & monsters have more HP but not as tough so if you're dying at like 144 then try 147, etc

Now, THE most important thing to reach the higher SFs is:

Do not fuse your epics until SF 15

Do not fuse your uniques until 17/18

^ This above is the main thing to keep in mind to actually progress to the higher maps.

Type Max SF Cost to transfer/fix
Epic 15 50k - 500k
Unique 20 3m-8m
Legendary 25 150m+

As you can see you can break your unique gear nearly 15 times and it'll still be cheaper than trying to fix one broken legendary equipment. So don't rush into fusing until you it those above. Generally anything past 17/18 the percentages are so low that you should probably scroll and with full 17/18 SF gear you're probably hitting 144/147 and that's kinda "end game" right there.

The main measure of if you're going to survive the SF map is how fast you kill the monsters (weapon) so save your scrolls for that instead.

Hope this helps prevent someone from fusing into legendary gear super early! It's not worth the minor power boost and will drastically slow down your leveling if you're stuck at SF 80/113 till level 135+ waiting for scrolls!