Maplestory M Tier List

Last Updated: May 11, 2020

Update 6/20/19: With the release of Battle Mage and upcoming class rebalances. This tier list is already outdated. I will be redesigning how this tier list works and focus on only ~5 classes that new players would benefit the most from.

Tier lists are really really hard to do in any game due to the subjective nature of them. In Maplestory M, some classes fare better in certain scenarios (single target, mobbing, etc). The criterias I used to create my tier list is broken-down below:

  • Damage output relative to funding
  • Mobbing (what you're doing majority of the game)

    • Skill utilization (during AB)
    • Surviability
  • Bossing

    • Single target (Pink Bean, Cygnus)
    • Multi target (Zakum, Horntail)
  • Support

    • Self
    • Party
I want to make clear this is purely MY OPINION based on experience, conversations, observations, etc. The most important thing is to play the class you enjoy the most. Buffs will come just as much as nerfs. Do not pick a class purely on what is the flavor of the month.

Class tier list

S: Evan, Luminous, Shade
A: Dark Knight, Aran, Mage (I/L), Mage (Bish), Phantom, Buccaneer
B: Thunder Breaker, Blaze Wiard, Wind Archer, Dawn Warrior, Hero
C: Mage (F/P), Corsair, Marksmen, Bowmaster
D: Shadower, Night Lord

Detailed Analysis to come soon!